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7 Tips for your reception music

No matter how much time and research you put into the planning of your wedding entertainment, unfortunately scenarios still do occur which are easily overlooked if you do not plan weddings regularly.

Using my many years of experience performing at weddings here are my 7 tips for your reception which will hopefully make things a little more comfortable for everyone on the day/night.

- When hiring a music service, make sure that the act is experienced in performing at weddings. If you are at a function with a band or a DJ and decide to hire them, try to consider that although you are enjoying them in the current environment, are they going to be suitable as wedding entertainment to play to and entertain the guests at your wedding? The whole format of a wedding is different and varies significantly from a standard performance.

- Make sure your entertainer has a music library or repertoire suitable for all age groups. There are many songs that young people like and many songs that older people like. An experienced entertainer will suggest songs that are entertaining to all age groups. Talk to your entertainer and tell him/her exactly the mood you want set for your day. If he/she is a professional, they will be able to accommodate easily

- Try to ensure your MC has access to a wireless microphone for the night. It is much better for the speech maker to be able to stay at their table, or be in a good position where they can be easily seen by everyone when it's their turn to speak. If your entertainer is at the back of the room and the speech maker has to walk all the way down the becomes awkward and time consuming.  Most reception centres and entertainers are able to accommodate with a wireless microphone, however put in on your “things to check list” before the day.

- Make sure your entertainer is a full timer - not a hobbyist. A full timer will be in a much better position to negotiate any situation thrown at them on the night. A less experienced entertainer might not be able to keep things running smoothly if there is a situation at hand.

- If your entertainer is acting as MC as well, make sure he/she can pronounce all names correctly. Provide them with comprehensive notes and brief them on the pronunciation of any names that don’t speak like they read. Don’t leave it to chance.

- Always try and avoid sitting your elderly guests near the entertainment. This is a common problem that can easily be avoided with well thought out seating arrangements. Young people can handle sitting next to speakers a lot better, where as nanna & grandad or old uncle George may end up not enjoying the night to its full potential.

- Most importantly have fun.  Don't sweat on the small stuff and enjoy what is suppose to be the best night of your life, the vibe that you are giving is going to be the vibe of your entire wedding.

Matt Baird

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