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Enquire Within

Enquire Within could be described as the duo that met in the middle of the musical mountain. Coming up the mountain we have Dean Cockerell, the young and vibrant singer/guitarist, who at every opportunity given is pulling out his guitar and playing gigs or jamming. He is in a number of acts, both original and covers and is actively writing and recording his own material which is sounding great. Heading down the mountain we have Mark Moran, who at nearly 10 years Dean's senior, has had a bit of a taste of the touring life that Dean will inevitably face in the future. This includes National and International touring (NZ, Germany, France, England) with theGOset, a national tour playing bass for Mick Thomas (Weddings Parties Anything), playing many of the biggest festivals Australia has to offer (The Falls, Pyramid Rock, Port Fairy), and recording 5 albums.

 The contrasting trajectories these 2 musicians are currently on has led to a very interesting vibe and song selection, spanning from the 70's (Creedence Clearwater Revival, Van Morrison, Tom Petty) to current (Ed Sheeran, Avicii, Passenger, Mumford & Sons, Foo Fighters). However, with yet another case of “meeting in the middle”, Enquire Within's niche market is definitely the 90's (Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Matchbox 20, Oasis, Crowded House, The Offspring). Although given sufficient time Enquire Within can learn whatever song would help make your function go that extra mile.

It is a rare site these days to see a bass guitar and stomp box in a duo, and this has broadened Enquire Within's repertoire. Some songs you may not have heard a duo do in a long time and some of the old classics have been given that extra groove and rhythm that has everyone up and dancing without fail. With guitar, 2 vocalists, bass guitar, stomp box and mandalin, Enquire Within are  rapidly building a reputation as the 2 piece that sound like a 4 piece and subsequently the best value for money band getting around.    

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