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Cailah and Kane have been performing together for the past 4 years and share the love of music and performing.

Kane has been behind the drum kit since his early school years and also rips a mean guitar set, complete with a stomp box and vocal harmony. Kane’s vitality and pure honesty he commits to his music is second to none – he is one talented, creative individual and loves nothing more than jamming tunes and performing for a crowd.

Cailah has been performing from a young age. Having many years’ experience under her belt behind the piano, Cailah turned her focus towards singing at the age of 16. Her devotion to music, the great association she builds with people plus the energy she commits to each and every show guarantees every gig a memorable gig for everyone involved!

 The duo gain great satisfaction out of putting on a show for their audience and together they provide an energetic and enjoyable experience that leaves their audience wanting more.

As well as providing captivating entertainment, Cailah and Kane, have a broad repertoire, combining a striking mix of older classics, with fresh arrangements and a relaxed delivery, as well as well-known ballads, modern top 40 songs, and lively dance tunes.

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